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Snow White


Snow White

Calling all black sesame lovers! This cake is baked to perfection, offering a light and fluffy texture with an intense sesame aroma.


Healthy and Delicious, Guilt-Free:

  • Made with egg whites for a lighter texture
  • Handmade black sesame paste
  • Reduced sugar
  • Refreshing with soft texture


Best Chilled, Best Enjoyed Within 3 Days:

The cake tastes even better when chilled. We recommend storing it in the refrigerator after receiving it and consuming it within 3 days for the best flavor.


Warm Tips:

  • This product contains soy and sesame allergens. Please consume with caution if you have allergies.
  • This product does not contain artificial preservatives or flavors.



Approximately 2.3 inch x 3.14inches x 2.16 inches

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